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Applying sound management practices to increase forest output


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Available Services

-  Timber appraisals

-  Timber sales

-  Control burning 

-  Site preparation

-  Tree planting

-  Timber marking

-  Mowing

-  Chemical application

-  Hunting leases



Timber management services

Timber appraisals: Inventory of timber products.

Timber sales: Maximizing the value of timber.

Control burning: Reducing hazardous fuels and improving wildlife habitat.

Site preparation: Preparing sites for planting and food plots.

Tree planting: The best quality tree planting for positive results.

Timber marking: Maximizing value of products in planted and natural timber.

Mowing: Reducing competition in planted pine stands.

Chemical application: Providing relief for pine trees and control of unwanted hardwoods.

Hunting leases: Market and manage property for hunting purposes.

Over 24 years of operating experience as Suwannee River Forestry, Inc.

Numerous timber sales, control burns, chemical and mechanical site preps and thousands of trees planted.  

Why Us?

Honesty, perseverance and hard work backed by education and experience.  We provide all timber management services in a timely manner.  Availability is an important component of our success.

Our Past

We've been around long enough to know how to get the job right the first time. The owner, Paul Thomas, has over 30 years of experience as a Professional Forester. Our newest employee, Robert Kitzrow, an experienced forest technician with over 25 years of experience.  

Our Future

Adding personnel with "hands on" experience to meet the needs of our clients.  We continue to implement strategies and technology that maximize our clients' resources.

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